Why Being “PC” Matters

Jason Advice

The word “political” is often used in a negative manner, associating it with the sometimes shady nature of “politicians” and their ability to say things they think they should say rather than what they actually believe. Unfortunately, the negativity of that word has corrupted another term, political correctness (PC), which is now being used to refer to any form of tactful response that makes an effort to not offend others, even beyond politics. Being “PC” isn’t about censorship or free speech, it’s about common decency and respect.

Bring Solutions, Not Just Awareness

Jason Advice

Any idiot can point out a problem. There is never a lack of problems that can be pointed out, but there always seems to be a lack of practical solutions to them. If you’re going to raise awareness of a problem, then take the time to first research it and bring forth a potential solution as well. Keep in mind that the bigger the problem is (i.e. social issues) the more likely it will be complex and the less likely there will be a simple solution to it. When sharing your own solution, find out whether or not it has …

Listen Actively

Jason Advice

Most of the time when we are in conversation with someone else, we passively listen to them and actively think about what it is we are going to say next. But by doing this you’re doing them and yourself a disservice. We don’t learn things by talking, but by listening and actively trying to understand what it is the person is saying, both explicitly and implicitly. We can only think actively about one thing at a time and by doing so to prepare our own comments, we only catch the explicit words that are being said, completely missing the much …

Why Black Lives Matter Struggles and How to Fix It

Jason Advice, Incentives

Yes, black lives matter, but what’s in it for whites? Many may view that question as absurd, ignorant, and downright selfish, but that’s exactly what must be asked by the leaders of niche movements like BLM if they hope to spark the kind of radical change achieved by those such as the civil rights movement of the 1960s. While radicalism works well for raising awareness, it doesn’t do so well at actually solving the problems that are raised, unless the movement is willing to eventually adapt its message to embrace wider mainstream acceptance. The way to do this is by …